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Fluoridation Reference Manual

1.  General Fluoridation Information:


a. Perspectives on the Science Supporting Florida’s Public Health Policy for Community Water Fluoridation, Easley, M.W., Florida Journal of Environmental Health

b. Water Fluoridation-What The Science Says, Pew Center on The States

c.  Questions & Answers on Water Fluoridation, Pew Center On The States

d. Impact of Fluoridation of the Municipal Water Supply: Review of the Literature

e. What Respected Organizations & Experts Say About Water Fluoridation Pew Center On The States

f . Prestigious Organizations Recognizing Fluoridation’s Importance, American Dental Association

2. Federal & State Agency Policies & Position Statements:

a.  Official Health and Human Services and Environmental Protection Agency Response to Antifluoridationists Petition, Koh, Howard K., Nancy Stoner

b. Future of Public Health in 21st Century: Role of Government, National Academy of Sciences

c. Council of State Governments Resolution Endorsing Fluoridation

3. Fluoridation Effectiveness Information:

a. Severe Rampant Childhood Caries benefits in Hood River and The Dalles Compared

b. Fluoridation increasing benefit with age – Largest study of school children’s adult teeth

c. What Would Happen If There Were No Fluoride, Fluoride Information Network

d. Recommendations For Using Fluoride to Prevent & Control Dental Caries In The US, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

e. Alternatives to Standard Community Water Fluoridation, Kansas Health Institute

f. Fluoride action effective of the elderly’s root cavities – Charles C. Haynie, M.D.; FACS

4. Fluoridation Cost-Effectiveness & Program Savings:


a.  More Americans Heading to E.R. For Dental Care: Report, The Wall Street Journal, February 29, 2012

b.  Preschoolers in Surgery for a Mouthful of Cavities, NY Times, March 6, 2012

c.  Oral Health Emergency Room Spending in Florida, Florida Public Health Institute

d.  315 Patients a Day Seek Dental Treatment in Florida’s Hospital Emergency Rooms: 1/3rd of the Cost Charged to Medicaid, Florida Public Health Institute, December 15, 2011

e. A Costly Dental Destination: HOSPITAL CARE MEANS STATES PAY DEARLY, Pew Center on the States, February 2012

f. Emergency treatment costs compared between fluoridated Florence & non-fluoridated Oakridge, OR – Lane County Head Start

g. Fluoridation Savings-New York Study, Kumar, Jayanth V., et al

h.  Water Fluoridation Costs in Texas: Texas Health Steps (Texas EPSDT-MEDICAID)

i.  Water Fluoridation and Costs of Medicaid Treatment for Dental Decay-Louisiana, 1995-1996, CDC: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (CDC: MMWR)

j.  Dental Crisis in America: The Need to Expand Access, A report from Chairman Bernard Sander, Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, February 29, 2012

k.  Infographic of fluoridation cost savings – PEW Center on the States, June 2013

5. Basic Fluoridation Research Information:

a.  What is Peer Reviewed Science, Michael W. Easley, DDS

b.  Fluoridation’s Collaborative Consensus, Gorden Empey, DMD, MPH, Ore Dept Human Services

c.  Tooth Tutor Pre-K to Grade 12 curriculum – Washington State Department of Health

6. Engineering & Water Utility Information:


a.  Fluoridation Policy, American Water Works Association (AWWA)

b.  Water Fluoridation Statement Re NRC Report , AWWA

c Fluoride-Professional &Technical Resources, AWWA

d.  Fluoridation Chemicals-Professional &Technical Resources, AWWA

e.  NSF Standard 60 and AWWR protocols in OAR 333-061 Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

f.  Water Fluoridation Additives-Engineering Fact Sheet, CDC – 2011

g.  Fact Sheet on purity of fluoridation water additives, National Sanitation Foundation, 2008

h.  Engineering & Administrative Recommendations For Water Fluoridation – CDC

I.  American Public Works Association – Fluoride Rocks – We must continue water fluoridation, 2014

7. Organizational Recommendations, Media Reports & Editorials:

a.  Dental Exam Went Well? Thank Fluoride, Jane Brody, NY Times, January 23, 2012

b.  Editorial Series from the Tampa Bay Times awarded Puliter Prize for Editorial Writing, 2013

c.  You Can’t Handle the Tooth – Willamette Week – 2013

d.  Mainstream Science Critiques of the Portland vote – PEW Center for the States 2013

e.  Oregonian Editorial Fluoridation Opponent Crackpottery – OregonLive Aug 14, 2012

8.  Safety:

a.  Safety of Community Water Fluoridation CDC – 2011

b.  Press Statement on HHS & EPA Recommended Change In Fluoride Levels In Drinking Water, American Academy of Pediatrics, January 7, 2011

c.  Use Of Other Fluoride Products, CDC

d.  Evidence Based Recommendations On Infant Fluoride Intake – Journal Am Dental Assn 2011

e.  Infant Formula Safety & Community Water Fluoridation – CDC 2011

f.  Chinese studies of high fluoride exposure have no relevance to fluoridation’s safety.- Charles C. Haynie, M.D.; FACS

g.  Fluoridation and fluoride unrelated to cancer – Charles C. Haynie, M.D.; FACS

h.  Fluoridation is safe for bones; study shows it prevents fractures – Charles C. Haynie, M.D.; FACS

9. Fluoridation & Social Equity:

a.  Fluoridation & Social Equity, Burt, BA, Journal of Public Health Dentistry, Fall 2002

b.  The Association Between Community Water Fluoridation and Adult Tooth Loss – Neidell 2010

c.  Water fluoridation, poverty and tooth decay in 12-year-old children – Jones J Dent 2000

d.  Water fluoridation, tooth decay in 5 year olds, and social deprivation- Brit Med J 1997

10. Policy Papers & Positions from Scientific, Professional & Advocacy Organizations:

a.  Fluoridation Policy Statement, Institute for Science in Medicine, 2012

b.  Compendium of Organizations Endorsing Fluoride – In their own words – 2013

c.  Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies – American Academy of Family Practice – 2013

d. Links to Access Key Documents in Support of Fluoridation – 2013

e. Surgeons General supporting Fluoridation – PEW trust – 2013

f.  Harvard Medical, Dental and Public Health School Deans see fluoridation as beneficial, safe & practical for people of all ages –2013

g.  The Clear Weight of the Evidence – a Summary of Research Supporting Water Fluoridation – PEW Charitable Trust 2013

h.  Portland School Board Endorses Fluoridation – 2013

i.  World Health Organization (WHO) – important in reducing disparities

j.  American Public Health Association – fighting myth with science – 2011

k.  Statement of Policy Community Water Fluoridation- National Assoc of County and City Health Officials – 2008

11. Federal, State, & Local Governmental Organization Policies & Position Statements:

a. Promoting and Protecting Healthy Communities A City Officials Guide to Public Health – National League of Cities – 2003

b. Oral Health Policy Brief 2008 – Black & Hispanic Caucuses of State Legislators

c. Talking Points on Oral Health – Council of State Governments

d. Water Fluoridation Policy Statement – Assn State & Territorial Dental Directors – 2009

e. Resolution On Community Water Fluoridation- Council Of State Governments – 2006

f. Children’s Dental Health – Testimony National Governor’s Association 2007

12. Fluoridation Opponents and Their Organizations:

a. Questionable Organizations – An Overview – Stephen Barrett, MD – Quackwatch

b. Community Water Fluoridation in America – Unprincipled Opposition, Michael W. Easley, DDS – 1999

c. The Anti-Fluoridationist Threat To Public Health – Institute for Science in Medicine – 2012

d. Speech by Fluoride Action Network Founder Paul Connett to and sympathizing with Conspiracy Theorists – Uncensored Magazine Forum – 2011

13. Environment and Salmon

a. No Effect on Environment – Quebec, Puyallup, WA, Review -.Charles C. Haynie, M.D.; FACS

b. Letter from fish expert Joe Carroll – Hood River News

c. Response to Declan Waugh – Irish Expert Body on fluorides and Health

d. Internal Sierra Club Document author Douglas B Day – fluoridation has no effect on salmon -2005

e. Water Fluoridation and the Environment – Pollick Int J Env Health 2004

f. Columbia River Toxic Mixing Zone Analysis – no report of fluoride pollution – Columbia Riverkeeper -2010

g. Evidence for Fluoride Effects on Salmon Passage at John Day Dam – Damkaer and Dey 1989

h. Fluoride and the Environment – PEW Campaign for Dental Health – 2013

i. Drinking Water Fluoridation and Salmon – Rich Shepard PhD – 2006

14. Additional Documents:

a. The Science of Fluoride Policy and Information on Fluoride – Herschel Horowitz, DDS

b. Fluoridation Claims by the Opposition Refuted – Johnny Johnson, DMD, 2014

c. Mistrust of Science Endangers Children – Oregon Rep Mitch Greenlick 2013