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Debunking Anti Claims

There are a number of groups and individuals who actively deny the fact that fluoride is safe and effective. We go through each anti-fluoride claim and debunk them using scientific research and facts. For our most popular debunks, check out our “one page” debunk!

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Debunk Categories

Explore all our debunking categories below – from videos, statements, modules, articles, and more

Debunking Anti Videos and Documents

Have you recently watched a video or read a document claiming fluoridation is harmful? Find our debunks here!

Statement on Flint

Dr. Johnny Johnson responds to the Fluoride critics who use Flint, Michigan to push their own agenda.

Graphic Modules

Dr. Charles Haynie puts together a series of graphic-rich documents debunking common fluoride myths

Debunking Anti Articles and Letters to the Editor

We take a look at some popular articles and letters to the editor, and debunk them one by one.

Debunking Connett's "50 Reasons"

Dr. Connett’s “50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation” is debunked by three different respondents.

Debunk of Horses and Fluoridation

We’ve even found a bogus claim that horses have suffered from fluoride poisoning. Three independent experts examine this claim.

Science, health experts, and fact-checkers agree:

Anti-Fluoride Activists Are Not Credible


“When new medical treatments are implemented, when new drugs are introduced into the populace, there is always some hesitation. There are (hopefully) some clinical trials to back up the new intervention, but the long-term implications are often unclear. Water fluoridation doesn’t have this problem. For over 65 years, it has been rigorously tested as a public health measure, and considered one of the most successful measures of the last 100 years …” Blog published on May 22, 2013

“(A Texas) resident says fluoride compound added to local water supply is ‘toxic waste’ … We rate the statement False.” News analysis published on April 19, 2011

“… water fluoridation is under fire from some who claim its health benefits are overblown and that fluoridation creates a higher risk for heart disease and cancer. There is no valid science supporting these claims… and yet they persist, kept afloat by Internet rumors and misinformation.” News article published in July 2011

“… the anti-fluoride forces (in Oregon) were playing on the public’s fear of chemicals and misunderstanding of chemistry to make fluoridation seem a lot more scary than it is. Actually, it’s not scary at all. As always,the dose makes the poison, and the levels used in municipal water supplies have a long history of safety.” Commentary article published on May 23, 2013














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