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Graphics Modules by Dr. Charles Haynie

Debunking the Toothpaste Label Argument

Fluoride toothpaste carries a label which says children should use only a pea sized amount. In a separate label box is the statement: “if more than what is used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help of contact a Poison Control Center right away. Click image above to view module.

Debunking IQ Claims

New front burner fluoridation issues are common. In Oregon 2005 it was Salmon Runs. Fluoridation’s effect on natural rivers such as the Columbia is too small to have any conceivable impact on Salmon. Since 2003 it is Chinese epidemiological IQ reports. Click image above to view module.

Arsenic Content in Comparison to Common Foods

Compare the arsenic intake levels in popular food products compared to fluoride water additives. Click image above to view module.