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Debunking Anti Documents and Videos

You might have read a powerpoint or seen a video claiming that Fluoridation of water is not in our best interest. We take this time to debunk these videos and documents!

Debunking Rick North Claims in Lund Report

In a recent anti fluoridation article in the Lund Report, Rick North expresses numerous misconceptions, misrepresentations, and errors. As is always the case, it takes far more time and space to properly address such misrepresentations, than it does to express them in the first place.

Read a detailed explanation of the fallacies of North’s claims.

Debunking Paul Connett Power Point

Paul Connett’s Power Point Presentation has a number of factual and scientific inconsistencies.

We cover these inconsistencies in full here.

Response to Jonesborough, TN Questions - 2017

The questions on this page are a list presented to the Public Health County Director, Tennessee Department of Health, in 2009. The questions are heavily biased toward the contentions of fluoride opponents, and based on false assumptions, including, but not limited to:

We answer these questions here

Debunking Michael Connett's "10 Reasons" Video

Michael Connett is an attorney, not a healthcare provider or expert. He frames the fluoridation issue around the premise that fluoridation is the process of adding a substance to water supplies in order to prevent dental disease. It is not. Fluoridation is based upon the observation that at a certain concentration level of a mineral which has been in water forever, the teeth of those ingesting that water are more resistant to dental decay. Fluoridation simply adjusts the level of this existing mineral in water supplies to that level, such that we will receive that benefit, while strictly maintaining that concentration level well below the threshold of adverse effects.

Read a full review of Connett’s Video of “10 facts”

Debunking "Our Daily Dose" Video

The video “Our Daily Dose” is a piece of antifluoridationist dogma which brazenly exploits children and emotions felt for children, all throughout. It is rife with the same type of unsubstantiated claims, misinformation, and outright fabrications which are characteristic of antifluoridationists and their groups.

Response to Antifluoridationist video 

Response to NYSCOF "Press Release"

Response to the August 2, 2017 “press release” of the New York Antifluoridation group “NYSCOF”, entitled Fluoridation: A Failed Tooth Decay Preventive, Federal Data Shows

Read our full response

One Page Debunk

Many myths and false claims have been introduced into the fluoride conversation. This page lays to rest some of the more serious claims that a properly fluoridated water source is damaging, toxic or otherwise unhealthy.

Debunking Anti Articles and Letters to the Editor

We take a closer look at some of the anti-fluoridation articles and letters to the editor in popular newspapers on this page.

Found another anti-publication?

We’d love to see it so we can properly debunk it and add it to this collection!