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Trendley Dean Response To Antis

From an article in the October, 1960 edition of the Journal of the American Dental Association:

Trendley Dean Repudiates Antifluoridationists

Advertisements claiming that H. Trendley Dean was forced to admit his claims for fluoridation were fallacious have been appearing in some newspapers through­ out the country. They are published over the name of L. S. Stevens, chairman of the Ohio Pure Water Association.
Dr. Dean, former director of the Na­tional Institute of Dental Research and former secretary of the Association’s Council on Dental Research, has termed it “a completely unjustified attack upon my professional reputation and my stand­ing in the field of scientific research.”

In a letter to Mrs. Stevens of Akron, Ohio, copies of which were sent to the editors of the newspapers which have published these advertisements, Dr. Dean continues:
I have been shown an advertisement spon­sored by the chairman, Ohio Pure Water Association, which appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal on Sunday, August 28, 1960. This advertisement claims that the testimony I presented before a master in chancery in the case of Alice Shuringa, et al. v. City of Chi­cago, repudiates the strong support I have always given to fluoridation of community water supplies. The advertisement also claims that other testimony of mine in 1955 shows that I admitted that I deliberately misrepre­sented the safety and effectiveness of fluorida­tion.

There is no legitimate basis for these claims. I still strongly urge all communities to fluori­date their water supplies. The procedure is safe and of significant benefit in reducing dental decay. There is nothing in the testi­mony I gave in California in 1955 or in Chi­cago in 1960 which indicates otherwise.

—-J. Am. Dent. Assoc. 61 (Oct. 1960) 513-4)