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Is There Any Concern With Fluoridation Substances Produced in China?

One of the frequent fear tactics of fluoridation opponents is to put forth claims about fluoridation substances sourced from China, with groundless claims and implications that these substances are of poor quality and rife with contaminants.  They will refer to MSDS of raw fluoridation substances which they proclaim to demonstrate the impurity of these substances.  This is all entirely irrelevant and of no concern, whatsoever.

All water at the tap in the United States must meet all of the stringent, EPA mandated quality certification requirements under Standard 60 of NSF International.  It makes absolutely no difference from where any water additives are sourced.  Once that water reaches  the tap, it must meet all Standard 60 requirements, or it is not allowed.  It’s that simple.

NSF Standard 60 mandates that no contaminant be present in water at the tap in excess of 10% of the EPA maximum contaminant level (MCL) for that contaminant.  Fluoridated water easily meets all of these requirements, regardless the source of the fluoridating substances.  Once added to drinking water supplies, fluoridation substances are immediately and completely dissociated.  The products of this dissociation are fluoride ions, identical to those which have always existed in water, and barely detectable trace contaminants in such minuscule amounts, so far below EPA mandated quality certification maximums, that it is not even a certainty that those detected aren’t those which already exist in water naturally.  After that point, the fluoridation substances no longer exist in that water.  They do not reach the tap.  They are not ingested.  They are therefore of no concern.

A complete list of the contents of fluoridated water at the tap, including precise amounts of any detected contaminants, and the EPA maximum allowable level of safety for each, may be found in the “Fact Sheet on Fluoridation Substances” on the website of NSF International.