• Benefits of Water Fluoridation

    Benefits of Water Fluoridation

    The majority of American communities benefit from water that is adjusted to the proper level of fluoride.
  • Is Fluoride Effective?

    Is Fluoride Effective?

    Fluoridating water is a crucial way of protecting children, even with the widespread use of fluoride toothpaste and fluoride treatments from dentists.
  • What does research show about fluoridation?

    What does research show about fluoridation?

    Research shows that water fluoridation continues to play an important role in reducing tooth decay in children and giving them a healthy start in life

About Fluoridation and the AFS

Fluoride exists in water naturally. The public health initiative of water fluoridation is simply the adjustment of that fluoride to the level at which maximum dental decay benefit will be obtained with no adverse effects.

Here you will find evidence based information on fluoride and all aspects of water fluoridation including: water fluoridation and infant formula, support for water fluoridation, cost and cost effectiveness of water fluoridation, water fluoridation and the environment, the dental benefits of water fluoridation, the effects on general health, dental health, health inequalities, and dental fluorosis.


For Further Information on the aims of the society, and our main activities please visit the About Us section.

The American Fluoridation Society was founded in 2014 by a group of concerned professionals anxious to see all residents of the United States served by community water systems enjoy the benefits of community water fluoridation (CWF). Equally important to this society is to prevent rollback attempts by opponents of CWF, as well as to initiate CWF where it has not been previously available.