Cochrane Report- Plain Language

Cochrane Report Critique-  Rugg-Gunn

Summary CDC Engineering Fact Sheet- water additives

CDC Engineering Fact Sheet- pipe corrosion

National Sanitary Foundation Fact Sheet on Fluoridation Substances

Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs): Tolerable Upper Intake Levels, Vitamins Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academies

Fluoride Chemistry- an explanation by New Zealand chemist Dr. Ken Perrott

Infant Formula with Fluoridated Water

Contaminants Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

Water Toxicity

EPA List of Neurotoxins

Water Fluoridation Health Monitoring Report 2014- Public Health England

Calgary Study- Interview With McLaren

Status of Fluoridation in the United States (ADA)

NTP Report 2016 – Summary

NTP Full Report

CDC Statement on NTP Report

ACSH Article re Rodent Studies

DHHS Final Recommendation on CWF (optimal level)

Dumont Statement of Safety of Fluoridation Substances


US EPA Six-Year Review 3 of Drinking Water Standards

Silverstein Letter

2011 West Virginia Rural Health Report

Response to Cortland, NY Questions

Further Info for Cortland, NY

Attorney Letter to NKF, 2007


AFS Letter to Online Publication Well and Good 

Re: Misinformation of W and G article of 4/19/2017


EPA Response to FAN

EPA Response to FAN 2016 Petition


CDHA Position Statement: Community Water Fluoridation- March 2017

CDHA Statement


History of Fluoridation

The Story of Fluoridation (NIDR)


Position Statement: American Board of Dental Public Health 


Water fluoridation Health monitoring report for England 2014 

Executive Summary

Full Report


Facts About Fluoridation

9 key facts

Fluoridation state by state

APHA Position 2008 Paper on Fluoridation

Information Paper: Effects of water fluoridation on dental and other health outcomes- Australian  National Health and Medical Research Council 

Public Health Service Recommendation for Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water for Prevention of Dental Caries:  A Notice by the Health and Human Services Department on 05/01/2015  (Federal Register)



Pollick Response To Richard Maas Claims of Lead Uptake


Responses to Anti Claims

Presentation of Benefits vs. Claims By Opposition- Dr. Johnny Johnson

Response to “Fluorine Nation” Letter Response to Krevetski (Vermont) Claims

Response to “Fluoride Free Newport” flyer

Fact Sheet on the Antifluoridationist group, “Fluoride Action Network”

Antifluoridationists Are Not Credible

Dental Fluorosis- photos

Anti-fluoridationist’s flawed attacks on Calgary study – Dr. Ken Perrott

Broadbent Response to Limeback AJPH letter

Limeback AJPH letter re. Broadbent

Flint Statement

Refute of Mark Hyman (“leading physician calls for federal investigation”)

Refute of claims made by Pamela Hughes, D.O.

Response to “Our Daily Dose” video

Refute of Attorney James Deal’s Letter to Governor’s Association

Refute of Connett’s PPT presentation- April, 2016

Refute of Connett’s “50 Reasons”- T.W. Cutress

Refute of Connett’s “50 Reasons”- Dr. Joe Mullen and the Irish Expert Body on Fluoride and Health

Refute of Greensboro, NC article

Response to Maine Water Treatment Personnel

Response to Milwaukee Alderman