About Us


The American Fluoridation Society was founded in 2014 by a group of concerned professionals anxious to see all residents of the United States served by community water systems enjoy the benefits of community water fluoridation (CWF). Equally important to this Society is to prevent rollback attempts by opponents of CWF, as well as to initiate CWF where it has not been previously available.

The aims of the American Fluoridation Society:

  • To promote improvement of dental health by securing the optimum fluoride content of community water systems in areas where it is sub-optimal.
  • To promote and co-ordinate medical, dental, educational, and administrative efforts to achieve this remotely by means of electronic media and personal contacts
  • To distribute information about dental health and the benefits/risks of optimally fluoridated water to the fluoridation decision-makers in the communities
  • To provide direct support to communities across the United States that may need expert testimony from the American Fluoridation Society member(s) to provide the necessary information to debunk the opposition to fluoridation’s pseudo-science.

The Society’s main activities include:

  • Provide “boots on the ground” where the AFS member(s) is/are needed to provide direct expert testimony in fluoridation challenges.
  • To train a network of local advocates to promote and defend CWF in their community, and then to extend their new found expertise to their surrounding communities
  • Providing scientifically-based information and education about water fluoridation to: fluoridation decision-makers; health authorities and boards; educational establishments and dental professional training programs; professional organizations; the media; politicians; and, the general public;
  • Organizing scientific meetings to promote oral health through water fluoridation;
  • Working at local, state, and national and levels in order to extend water fluoridation within the U.S., or safeguard existing water fluoridation schemes;
  • Contributing to the body of scientific knowledge on water fluoridation and dental public health;
  • Researching and producing scientifically sound, reader-friendly publications on water fluoridation.
  • Responding to requests for information about water fluoridation from individuals and organizations nationally and internationally with credible scientifically based data;
  • Maintaining links and sharing information with international colleagues

Board of Directors

President: Johnny Johnson, Jr. DMD, MS

Vice-President: Myron Allukian, Jr. DDS, MPH

Secretary: Charles C. Haynie, MD, FACS

Treasurer: Kurt L. Ferré, DDS

Communications Officer: Steven D. Slott, DDS